Our Story

Our farm started on just under 4 acres 17 years ago. We now live on 10 acres in Collinsville Oklahoma. My husband & I both work full time and enjoy the farm as a hobby and way to provide food for our family. We have 3 wonderful kids, two boys & a girl, 2 of which still live at home.

We raise & show AMHA/AMHR miniature horses. In addition to the horses we raise miniature cattle, guinea pigs, holland lop rabbits, and Nigerian dwarf goats. We've raised AKC Boxers for over 20 years, for info on the boxers visit ropersboxers.com. We have a barnyard full of farm animals and occasionally have other critters for sale. My passion has always been horses. We have our riding horses Gus & Remi in addition the herd of mini horses. George & Greta the alpacas live with the goats & chickens. Dug the emu lives with the mini horses and is truly here just for entertainment purposes. We raise most of our own meat with the miniature cattle while our chickens & ducks provide fresh eggs for our family. We've got several barn cats hanging around to keep the barn free of mice and snakes. We can't leave out the dogs, Luke the mini horse midwife & June the heeler are our working dogs and of course we have the boxers. I have 24 years of vet tech experience and my day job is managing a progressive veterinary hospital so our animals receive the best possible care. We take pride in raising healthy, happy, well-socialized animals.